February 19, 2010

What He did

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Mark 15:44 Pilate was surprised to hear that he should have already died. And summoning the centurion, he asked him whether he was already dead.

The horrors of the crucifixion are well-documented but it’s easy sometimes to become immune to it.  The story is such a familiar part of Scripture that it sometimes becomes just that: a story.

The thing that hit me fresh this time was the duration.  If I know something bad is coming I want to get it over and done with – the waiting and inevitability is almost the worst part.  After hours of unimaginable torture Jesus was nailed to the cross at the third hour.  He died at the ninth hour.  That’s six hours of slow, agonising and inescapable death.  And yet Pilate was surprised it was over so quickly!  Was there ever a more barbaric punishment?

My salvation was bought at such a heavy price and yet I treat it so lightly so often.  May the weight of Your love always weigh heavy on my heart and may I never forget what You gave for me.  I am so unworthy but so thankful.


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  1. Well put we don’t take his sacrifice serious enough. We take it very serious during the passover week. But the rest of the year were casual and compromise with sin. The bible is clear that when we sin we are starting the crucification process again. Shame on us!!!!

    Comment by hershell nevels — April 1, 2010 @ 8:07 am

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