May 23, 2010

If in doubt…

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Joshua 9:14 So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the Lord.

In some situations it’s obvious what needs doing without praying because You’ve clearly said what to do through the Scriptures or because it’s a matter of no spiritual consequence (e.g. Dear Lord, what colour socks should I wear today?).  Then there are situations where the correct course of action isn’t immediately obvious.  Joshua knew that he had to wipe out the occupants of the Promised Land so that Israel could take possession of it without being led astray to worship other gods.  He was faced with some messengers who appeared to be from a foreign land but there were questions in his mind.  He needed guidance that no man could give but he trusted their story and made the wrong choice.

I need to evaluate my choices more closely.  Are there things I’m doing or not doing despite a clear instruction to the contrary?  Are there situations where I’m trusting in my own judgement rather than seeking You for guidance?  You’ve given me a mind to use but not to the exclusion of prayer.  Your will be done – help me to remember to seek Your will when I’m unsure.


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