May 2, 2011


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Psalm 133:1 It is good and pleasant when God’s people live together in peace!

When it comes to films, I’ve always loved big, historical, epic war films. The more I’ve watched of foreign films, especially Chinese-based ones, I’ve noticed two contrasting themes. The Hollywood story is often of the hero struggling against tyranny to bring individual freedom. The Chinese hero is much more likely to be working to achieve unity and a common purpose across the nation. These themes are obviously heavily influenced by the culture and politics of their respective countries.

Noticing this, and reading this verse today, it made me wonder how much the Western Church has been led by the prevailing culture and politics. We pay lip-service to unity as long as we agree, and then split apart at the slightest disagreement. Our ‘right’ to do our own thing so often overrules our need for each other. The effects of the Cold War linger and we flinch at words like ‘collective’ and ‘union’.

We don’t always agree with each other. We shouldn’t always agree with each other. We should resist tyranny within the Church. But we shouldn’t let our individual wants override our collective needs – the unity we’ve been called to, the unity that causes You to pour out Your blessings.

Lord, give me open eyes to see where the ways of this world are at odds with Your ways. Give me the patience and selflessness I need to live as one with Your people.


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