December 31, 2011

Fresh Start

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Another year ends and, while I don’t like looking back and dwelling on the past, it’s hard not to on December 31.  One reflection is that this blog has been silent for too long.

I can put that down in part to the Bible reading plan I’ve just finished, which is a chronological plan.  I thought it would be interesting to follow through the books in historic order.  Somewhere along the way it became more of a daily duty than something that helped me and spoke to me.  Maybe it was because there were days when I had lists of genealogies or censuses which I struggled to get anything out of.  Maybe I just wasn’t as dedicated to blogging about what I read every day as I was in 2010.

What I’ve learned is that I get the most from daily Bible reading when:

  • I read from different parts each day
  • I stop and think about what I’ve read
  • I write my thoughts out.

To anyone else reading this, that’s what you’ll get each day when you see a new post – my thoughts back to God on what He is saying to me through the Bible that day.  It will be imperfect, questioning, naive, unsure but hopefully always honest.  If you want to read, be my guest.  But ultimately I’m writing this firstly for my own benefit, to let the words I’m reading change me for the better.

Have a great New Year and let’s get back to it tomorrow.


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