January 3, 2012

Work is not the answer

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19  By the sweat of your face
you shall eat bread,
till you return to the ground,
for out of it you were taken;
for you are dust,
and to dust you shall return.”

On the first day back to work after a break, and a particularly long day at that, I can’t say that I was looking forward to reading about ‘the fall’ – humanity’s biggest mistake.  I did gain a fresh perspective on work from this chapter though.  No matter how much I may enjoy work on a particular day, I often find myself dreaming about a life where work is optional, where I can do as much or as little as I want and money is no concern.  This isn’t so much laziness, or at least I don’t like to think so!  Our original state was to tend and enjoy nature, not sweat and toil all day to get by.  We were made to enjoy life with You and to look after what you’d given us,  until we threw that away.  Hard work isn’t the way to fulfilment – it wasn’t our purpose.

In the way of things in this fallen world, the consequences of that rebellion remain – all the things that were spoken against Adam and Eve remain as facts of normal life.  The need to work hard to get by doesn’t disappear.  But You made a way for us to enjoy that close relationship with You again.  And that is more than enough.


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