March 12, 2012

Share the load

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Exodus 18:21 Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.22 And let them judge the people at all times. Every great matter they shall bring to you, but any small matter they shall decide themselves. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you.

Moses fell into a common mistake of leaders – he tried to do it all.  Maybe he didn’t trust anyone else with the responsibility.  Maybe he wanted the sense of control over everything.  Perhaps he thought only he could do the job.  Or maybe he didn’t want to share power.  Jethro saw how this was going to destroy Moses and those around him.  He introduced the ideas of a leadership team and a leadership hierarchy.  Moses couldn’t do it alone but neither could anyone else do the job that he had been chosen for.  The team he appointed each had a role to play according to their calling and ability to help serve the people.

Lord, thank You for the opportunities I have to serve You and Your people.  Help me to fit in the right position, neither shrinking back nor promoting myself, but doing what You want me to do.


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