March 24, 2012


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Psalm 84:6  As they go through the Valley of Baca
they make it a place of springs;
the early rain also covers it with pools.

I’m well familiar with Psalm 84.  It’s one of those psalms that seems to lend itself well towards modern song interpretations, like the following:

The theme is of going to Your house to praise You and how that is better than a thousand days anywhere else.  That’s true but the psalm is not just about an individual or corporate worship ‘experience’ with You – it’s not just about the temple or, to modern eyes and minds, the Sunday morning church service.  In all the song adaptations I’ve heard over the years, I’ve never heard one that includes verse 6.  It’s a shame because this verse brings something different to the psalm.

The people heading to Jerusalem change the places they pass through.  The desert valley is watered.  As they carry Your praise outside of the temple they bring life where there was only dry ground.  The songs aren’t just for the temple, they’re for a thirsty world.  It’s not about shutting myself away in a church service and playing and singing to You.  It’s about a song that fills my whole existence, a joy and life that spills out wherever I go.

Lord give me the boldness that comes from being immersed in Your praises, that I might pour out Your life and Your love throughout my week and not just Sunday.


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