June 16, 2012

It starts here

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Proverbs 14:34  Righteousness exalts a nation,
but sin is a reproach to any people.

This is a verse that I’m familiar with.  It’s almost always spoken of in a nationwide context, which makes sense as it relates to a whole nation or people.  The focus is invariably on the state of the nation, the terrible sins that go on, the slide towards destruction – newspaper-selling overstatements and generalisations rather than Your deep grief over our sin.  The solution is either a vague “we Christians should do something” or we pray for our politicians in the hope that they’ll sort things out.

There’s truth there – I should do something and I should pray for the country’s leaders.  But I can do more than that to have an impact.  The righteousness of a nation doesn’t just refer to ‘them’, it addresses me.  Am I doing what’s right?  I need to check myself, identify where my actions are inconsistent with Your ways, repent and change.  I am responsible for the righteousness of this nation as much as the next person.

The change comes from embracing the righteousness I have in You and from leading others towards You.

Help me Lord to start with my own life, to walk in Your ways and to share You out of a real and close knowledge.  Help me to live in the righteousness that I’ve been given through the death of Jesus.


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