August 14, 2012

On hold

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Jeremiah 42:7 At the end of ten days the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah.

I don’t like being put on hold on the telephone.  I want my question answered or my request acted on straight away.  Silence (or terrible music) is a sign to me that the person on the other end of the line isn’t all that interested.  Without being able to see or hear what’s happening I’m left assuming that they’re not really doing anything.

Jeremiah lived in a different age but also displayed a very different attitude to me.  He was Your prophet, the man You spoke directly to.  He was Your messenger to kings and a whole nation.  If anyone should have had a direct line to You, it was Jeremiah.  And here he is, waiting ten days for a word from You.  I’d probably have walked off, done something else and forgotten about it all after ten minutes.

You could have answered immediately but You didn’t.  Your timing is perfect and You spoke to Jeremiah at just the right time to deliver the message to just the right people.  I don’t know the exact reasons but You know everything and this was part of Your design.  I can accept that when reading about someone else but it’s a different matter when it’s me waiting for the answer.

Lord give me patience to wait for Your voice, a tenacity to keep waiting and a confidence that You will answer at exactly the right time.


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