August 17, 2012

Say something

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1 Samuel 3:1 Now the young man Samuel was ministering to the Lord under Eli. And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no frequent vision.

It sometimes seems to me that the Bible described a very different world to mine, not just historically and culturally.  It was a world where You spoke directly and regularly to Your people, often through chosen representatives, leaders and prophets.  It makes their rebellion seem particularly stupid as they really should have known better.  This verse demonstrates that, in reality, Your voice wasn’t always heard in Israel.  At the point where You spoke to Samuel it was a rare thing to hear You.  It was so rare that it took the priest three times to realise what was happening.

I don’t know for sure why You kept quiet at the time or why You sometimes seem quiet today.  Looking at the historical context of this verse I see that it’s set in a time when most of the people had turned away from You, even the priests.  Maybe You didn’t speak because no-one was listening.  It took the right time and person for Your voice to be heard clearly again and by this time it wasn’t likely to be good news.

Lord I don’t want to live in a time when Your word and Your vision is rare.  Say something and help me to recognise Your voice.  Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.


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