November 21, 2012

The proof

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John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.


I really wanted to find something else to write about but I couldn’t escape this verse.  Love is an easy subject to talk about.  It’s the subject of more songs, poems and books than probably every other possible topic added together.  Words are cheap.  Actions are proof of love, not words.  I wish it weren’t so because I could write some amazing sentiments, but my actions betray me too often.

Is it enough to say that I try?  That I want to do the right things, to be obedient?  I keep getting it wrong and missing the mark.  All I can do is to ask for forgiveness and keep trying.  I’m far from perfect but You truly are perfect.  That’s why I fall so far short and You still love me.  When my actions say, “I really don’t care about You”, Your action thunders out, “I love You anyway”.  I’ll never be ‘good enough’ by trying to be ‘good enough’.  You’ve already taken care of that.

Lord, thank You that Your love isn’t conditional on my actions and behaviour.  I want to try to live an obedient life to show You that I mean what I say.


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