July 11, 2013

Keeping ready

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Joshua 14:10 Joshua, it was forty-five years ago that the Lord told Moses to make that promise, and now I am eighty-five. Even though Israel has moved from place to place in the desert, the Lord has kept me alive all this time as he said he would. 11 I’m just as strong today as I was then, and I can still fight as well in battle.

A promise from a faithful source is hope.  It’s certainty.  But it’s also not now.  If it was now, it would simply be an action.  A promise has delay built into it – it’s something that will happen at some point.  Take the classic promise in Jeremiah 29:11 – it follows on from You telling the people of Judah to settle where they were for seventy years first.

Caleb had nearly as long to wait to see his promise fulfilled.  Forty-five years of wandering in the desert, held back from his rightful inheritance by people who didn’t believe what You promised.  Plenty of time to sink into bitterness and resentment towards his fellow Israelites.  A lot of opportunity to question Your purpose.  There’s no evidence Caleb did these things though.  He stayed ready, so that when the moment came he was as fit as he’d been forty-five years earlier.  He kept strong and alert, ready for Your promise to be fulfilled at the right time.

What an example of faith and readiness.  Lord, help me to be prepared for Your time.  I want to keep ready for whatever You have in store, however long that takes.  Give me the faith to know that something is coming and the endurance to wait ready.


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