July 28, 2013

Don’t make me angry

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Acts 15:10 Now why are you trying to make God angry by placing a heavy burden on these followers? This burden was too heavy for us or our ancestors.

To show my love for someone I can find out what they like and do it.  I can also find out what they hate and stop doing it.  I should be aiming to give joy, not to anger them.  When that ‘someone’ happens to be all-powerful I should be even more even mindful of not angering them.

This particular verse is an interesting case.  In my desire to please You I can sometimes make decisions about how I live, even though You haven’t specifically asked me to.  I can place restrictions on myself or come up with a ‘to do’ list.  Sometimes these things are beneficial to me, sometimes they’re not, but they are personal and non-essential.  The problem comes if I try to put those same requirements on other people.  That makes You angry.  It’s like I’m saying that Your ways aren’t good enough alone and that people need to follow my man-made rules as well to be a proper Christian.  I may not say it out loud but I probably think it too often.

Lord, strip away my rules and regulations and give me a clear view of You.  Let that be all that I pass on to other people.


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