August 6, 2013

The case against

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Acts 24:2 So Paul was called in, and Tertullus stated the case against him:
Honourable Felix, you have brought our people a long period of peace, and because of your concern our nation is much better off.

It’s interesting to see the charges laid against Paul when he was brought before Felix,  the Roman governor.  In front of the Jewish authorities he was accused of breaking religious laws.  In front of the secular authorities the biggest complaint against him was disturbing the peace.  That was how Tertullus the lawyer tried to appeal to Felix, praising him for his peaceful rule and holding Paul up as a threat to this.  He was a disrupter, one who brought unplanned change.  It wasn’t the substance of his message that formed the case against him but rather the effects of it.

This thought presents me with a challenge:  do I value peace too highly?  Do I shy away from bringing the sort of disruption You commend and command?  There are extremes at both ends of the scale: some people seem to revel in causing a disturbance for its own sake and for the enemy’s sake and others would never dare disturb the status quo even if it goes against Your will.  Clearly neither of these are what You desire but should I be a peacemaker or a disturber of the peace?  As ever with You, it’s a case of both/and rather than either/or.  The answer is yes.  I should do whatever You are calling me to do and not take refuge in one side that happens to match my preference.  Blessed are the peacemakers and the disturbers of the peace.

Lord disturb me so I can disturb others for Your glory only.


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