March 16, 2014

Seeing is not believing

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John 6:36 But I said to you that you have seen me and yet do not believe.

Faith is often though of as believing without seeing.  “Seeing is believing” is the skeptic’s mantra.  Jesus identified a third scenario: seeing but not believing.  He’d carried out amazing miracles but it wasn’t enough for the crowds.  When he said something difficult that pushed beyond their understanding, they demanded more signs as proof.  What they’d seen before was not enough to make them believe.  The chances are that no amount of subsequent signs would convince them otherwise.  Seeing is not believing.

This can be applied to people who don’t believe in You at all.  Sometimes my words and actions will have no impact because they have chosen not to believe, regardless of the evidence.  All I can do is keep spreading the news, living for You and praying that You do what I can’t.

It also applies to me.  To those moments of doubt. To the times I pray, not fully believing that You will act.  I have the whole Bible, the history of the Church and my own experiences to give me signs.  That still doesn’t mean that, right in this moment, I am full of faith.  I need to remember what You’ve done before but more than that, to know You more every day.  Then the believing comes first and is only strengthened by the seeing.

Lord give me more faith, to believe whether I see the results or not.  Let me rest in You, not just what You do.


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