March 21, 2014


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John 11:35 Jesus wept.

There is something starkly beautiful about this famously short verse.  Jesus was on his way to heal Lazarus.  He knew that he would be raised from the dead.  Beyond that, he knew what wonders lay in store for Lazarus even if he remained dead.  If anyone could find a reason to be cheerful in this situation, it was Jesus.  But he wept.  He was moved by the grief of Mary and those around her.  Without a full understanding of Jesus’ plan and power, they could see no happy ending.  Even a belief in the eventual resurrection of the dead was small consolation, as they had no real understanding of what that meant.  They saw only loss, and so they wept.  Jesus wept with them.

Had Luke described Jesus as being sorrowful or troubled in spirit, it wouldn’t have had anywhere near the same impact.  Jesus let his emotion show clearly.  He was completely vulnerable in the way he identified with Mary and the other mourners.  This gives me great comfort.  When I’m faced with situations that make no sense, I don’t often get a flash of revelation that makes everything clear.  Sometimes things hurt, and my human brain can’t see any upside.  I don’t serve a God who watches from afar, knowing that it will all turn out okay in the end.  I serve a God who knows it will turn out okay but still grieves with me.

Thank You Lord that you know pain and grief and can understand my emotions.  You weep when I weep, even though you see the ultimate end.  Thank You.


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