January 27, 2016

Uneven team

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Exodus 4:2 Then the lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?”

You are God.  You can do anything by any means at any time without any assistance from anyone.  It’s amazing that you’d ever choose to involve humans in Your plans.  Speaking for myself, I’m not the best at anything and I could give You a long list of people You should use ahead of me in various areas.  Even Moses wasn’t immune from this feeling.  One of the greatest leaders in the Bible stood up to You – to insist that he wasn’t a good enough public speaker for You to use.

This though is a great example of how You choose to work with us.  You could have struck the Egyptians dead, or transported the Israelites straight to the promised land.  Instead, You worked with what Moses had in his hand.  It’s a team effort, albeit an uneven one.  Moses brought a stick, You brought divine power.  But still You asked Moses to use what he had.  Without Moses You could still have accomplished Your plans.  Without You Moses could have done nothing except stay hiding as a shepherd in the disaster.  But when he used what little he had in combination with You great things happened.

Lord thank You that I have the great privilege of being involved in Your plans.  Help me to remember that I have my part to play, but it’s nothing without Your power.


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